Franny Schembri

Francesca Schembri is a Maltese 25 year-old who is involved in the film industry, primarily she works as an assistant director and editor. Her love for film and its storytelling ability has led to where she is today. Francesca’s passion drives her to seek out new opportunities and any new challenges that arise.

Her first experience was on the set of World War Z in 2011. Enthusiasm and passion has led her to work her way through the many different roles.

Beginning as a crowd marshal, she is now an assistant director for international productions such as The Promise (2015) and Entebbe (2016). This allows her to understand the industry from various perspectives and positions, gaining a wide range of skill sets. Francesca also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Media (Moving Image). During her Bachelor she gained a wide skill set ranging from directing, producing, sound engineering and editing that she draws from in her career.

Francesca continues to work on various local and international film productions so as to advance and broaden her skills as an assistant director and editor. She looks forward to any new productions, seeing where and how she can push the project forward in order to achieve its full potential.